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Lean Six Sigma

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It is not only about tools and techniques, but also about strengthening your own manufacturing philosophy and practices. We strengthen common management principle into a new set of leadership commitments to a new way of thinking - Customer Focus and Value Stream Management.  

It's about clarity of purpose and goals and getting teams involved throughout the lean journey. Every project is customized from the roadmap, deployment plan, and implementation.  

Our consulting services have the following components:


  • Lean Manufacturing, Lean Sigma Healthcare, Lean Office
  • Assessment, Organization 
  • Deployment Planning​
  • ​Training, Train the Trainer
  • Enterprise - Wide Value Stream Mapping and Analysis
  • Continuous Process Improvement Model  Development
  • Lean  Product Development
  • ​Team Facilitation
  • ​Project Management

Mission statements – To provide the best value services to our customers with innovative 'more ways than one' means to generate revenue.

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Our training takes into account critical elements of your organization's strategic objectives.  We formulate the scope and objective of each training with sensitivity to the culture and maturity of the organization with lean practices. 

value stream mapping and analysis

What we do

We are mindful of unnecessary and wasteful activities of running every process through lean six sigma.  Knowing where to focus can make all the difference between success and failure.  

  • We provide businesses with a view that identifies all wastes including those not normally scrutinize in VSM.
  • We created a simple and effective method of uncovering the hidden sources of pain and identifying and sizing the largest opportunities for cost savings, waste reduction, plus revenue generation.  
  • We measure the performance of the organization, i.e. quality, cost and time and benchmark with similar processes
  • We determine how much performance might be improved
  • We set a right course of action for successful team collaboration

Our VSM+ tool is designed as an upfront diagnostic X-ray that scans the enterprise and maps its primary processes, including those not normally scrutinized in the value stream management, to identify the biggest opportunities to reduce cost and increase revenue.

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To find wastes across the organization we treat the business as a complex wide array of internal processes.  

We scan the other primary or non-primary processes to identify related wastes in the support business areas for the purpose of generating additional revenue.

​Use singly or in powerful combination, APBTS lean and cost-cutting services help businesses, big and small, become truly competitive.

product development

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Operational excellence in Lean System extends value creation to the entire enterprise, from the front office, to engineering, to the factory floor that dramatically improves cost effectiveness in manufacturing.  Flow is not as visible in product development as manufacturing so care must be given to eliminate knowledge loss that could come from handovers.  

We provide assistance to organization that is looking to extend operational excellence in product design. We will introduce lean thinking in product development and the methods that can be implemented at the level of an individual designer, or a product development team.  The lean product development focuses on the principles and practical Lean design tools and an integrated approach to achieving the highest possible product value at the lowest achievable manufacturing cost.

From capturing the voice of the customer, concept of value engineering and analysis, to attacking direct costs during design we present an opportunity to see design of products in a fundamentally different way.  Understanding how why it is important to understand both the need driver and if your projects are deemed short or long compared to market changes and have a product development approach that addresses the situation.  More focus should be put on creating more and more reusable knowledge or preventing loss that comes from handovers. With complex products risks of rework loops exist and the later they come the more costly they become.


Set-based concurrent engineering approach runs multiple design options for subsystems and aggressively remove the weakest solutions with enough data to do so. During set-based design we will strive to capture knowledge with A3s or trade-off curves or limit curves or A3s. 


lean healthcare

What we do

The principles and practices of lean systems have been used successfully by hundreds of health care organizations in many countries to improve many different care processes and outcomes.  Lean principles have been proven to aid healthcare delivery processes increasing speed and quality.  

We strongly enforce the concept of lean mindful of the critical elements of your own unique healthcare operations and process improvement needs. 


Our approach is a simple, yet powerful to achieving significant improvements. We work to focus on understanding what adds value to your patients, physicians, and other customers and deliver that value as efficiently and with care.

Benefits of Lean in healthcare operations:

  • Improving      process reliability and safety
  • Increasing      flexibility to the needs of the customers, i.e. patient, physician,  nurses, and other support personnel
  • Improving      flow of work to meet customer demand
  • Improving      capacity by shortening the throughput time with less effort
  • Improving      workplace organization to reduce wasted motion and improving      communication​​​


Among the Lean tools that we implement with great success.

  • 5S      is the foundation of a visual workplace where everyone knows exactly where      everything is, so that a deviation from the normal is immediately      obvious.  5S is not just about having a clean area.  When done      properly, 5S is a key tool in reducing waste, reducing variation, and      improving safety.
  • ​Value stream mapping is the first step in understanding how work flows. It involves a cross functional team following a      process from beginning to end highlighting examples of the      "eight wastes" and agreeing on an action plan to improve the process based on how work should be delivered.  The goal is to create greater value for the customer by identifying and removing waste.
  • Brainstorming process for getting people involved
  • Cellular organization or transitioning to greater flexibility through creation of efficient layout that affect how people work, communicate and exchange ideas.​
  • Standard work ensures that process steps are balanced in time with minimal      variation in how activity is carried out.​  We help you with visual      management to monitor quality, be able to recognize whether a change  has improved the matters or not, and make sure that quality indicators are obvious to everyone.
  • Project prioritization with scores
  • Kaizen Event training and facilitation.



Current acute care processes are plagued with waits, delays, and diversions. Patient safety, hospital revenue, staff satisfaction, and patient satisfaction are all negatively impacted when patients, information, and materials do not move through hospitals in a timely and efficient way. System-level changes are required to solve the issues of flow. Looking upstream and downstream from "problem" hospital units is essential to make changes that will result in hospital-wide improvements.

An American Hospital Association (AHA) survey showed the average patient waiting time for transfer from an Emergency Department to an acute or critical care bed is 3.2 hours.

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