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AccessPoint Business
and Technology Services


What We Do

Operations Improvement


In here, creativity and synergy is at work.  we make it simple - impart knowledge and skills.  

We help implement Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques, product development, and strategic planning; strengthen your organizations operating philosophy and practices.

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Innovation and Competitiveness


We help businesses, in wide variety of industries, qualify and receive the maximum 'cash back' benefits  from the R&D/Manufacturing Tax Credit. 

If your company has invested time, money and resources to improve product quality, and internal processes our team of experts can  help determine if your company is in a position to benefit from this fund.   

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Growing a business sometimes require hiring new people.  With our partner and proprietary software we simplify the 'Workers Opportunity Tax Credit' WOTC process to save you time.

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Cost Segregation Study


We help commercial properties owners with engineering based cost segregation studies.  Our systematic approach identifies and maximizes a client’s tax benefits on the properties purchased, or renovated.

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